Sunday 16 November 2014

Whimsical Tissue Flowers

I am in awe of the Internet. And all the information that is right there, in front of you with just a couple of clicks. And OF COURSE the many creative people who make beautiful things and are willing to share their talent through 'picture perfect' pictures and easy to follow instructions and labelled with the golden words 'DIY'.

My heart skips a beat everytime I read DIY. Because it is 3 words that inspire confidence. That you can do it. I found out about those Martha Stewart Tissue Pom Poms only last year when my little girl turned 1 and I was scouring through websites to make some birthday decorations. I was totally floored by how something like gift tissue paper was transformed into something so ethereal and whimsical. I was giddy with excitement and vouched to get some done for our party.

Unfortunately we do not get tissue paper very easily here in India. So I had to settle for something that was close but not as light weight. And it was available only in a very vibrant colour palette.

Since it was my first attempt. And like I said, I was just too giddy with excitement. They came out just OK. I hung them with ribbons and just in an up and down fashion. 

I did end up making a larger batch for my niece. Here are a few pictures:
Initially I strung them on white thread and later switched to fishing line. Aren't the colours gorgeous! 

And more 

At the party hall, I grouped them into bunches of 5. One large flower, 3 smaller size ones and finally a yarn lantern basket (on which I will do a separate post).

To make the paper flowers I followed the Queen herself- Martha Stewart.
To get the size correct, I followed instructions from Speckless 

Go! Go create some whimsy! These flowers are a classic. I don't think we can ever get enough of them. Group them with yarn lanterns, with chinese paper lanterns, with balloons... just go crazy with it. 



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