Saturday 22 November 2014

DIY Decoupage - Little Pink Box

If there ever was a purpose for printed and especially ‘floral’ printed paper napkins it would be decoupage and nothing else. OK maybe to pretty up your tablescape for a photoshoot but for NOTHING ELSE. How on earth can anyone with even an ounce of sense ever wipe their face or mouth (that has gravy on it) with those gorgeous things and then crumple it and then throw it away? It would be a crime! 
Decoupage even sounds romantic. Just like anything French. Sigh…And its not even as difficult as Fine French cuisine. Easy and simple and your decoupaged product will still end up looking fine, French and lovely.

Here is my first attempt on a decoupage project. 

The paper napkin:

Here is the a little cardboard box I decoupaged. This is for my daughter to store her teeny- tiny hair clips. 

Most of the tips I picked up have been through YouTube videos from patioelf. She makes some mean stuff. Love her tips and techniques.

Can't wait to make some more stuff!!

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