Tuesday 23 February 2016

Boy Baptism Party Decor - Blue green yellow theme

Its been more than a year since I posted on this blog.. and no it was not because I did not craft. It was because I was on a very enjoyable craft marathon the whole of last year.

It all happened around Feb or March 2015 when a college friend send me a Facebook message asking if Çraft Montage does Baptism decorations. I was chuffed to say the least. I think I spent the next couple days in a haze , pinching myself and double checking my FB inbox to be sure that it really happened. Some one saw my craft work and decided that they would like me to decorate the first big party for their little 'bundle of joy'...

Fortunately she gave me two months to get things done. And with the venue changing and ideas changing... I got a real feel for how event planners need to be tuned to deal with new developments and fancies. But an awesome support system involving family and helpers made it all worthwhile.

It was a baby boy and she wanted a blue, yellow and green combination instead of the stereotypical blue and here it is -my first official paper craft party decoration  (for a non family member) in pictures.  

Entry way

The Crib

More Centrepieces

Cake toppers

Photo Display
Tissue flowers

Accessorised Paper lanterns


  1. A very new concept..Party decoration with paper crafts and cutouts..Amazing!

  2. We think alike! We just had a Blue green yellow themed baptism party for our son at event venues in LA. It was super amazing and the color combination turned out to be super nice. We had the vegan food for the bash that was catered by a popular restaurant in our area.