Tuesday 17 May 2016

Peaches and Cream - Girl Baptism Decor

This was a client order that gave me only 10 days to work. And all the lady said was that she wanted the colour peach. Those 10 days really tested me. From start to finish I was on auto-pilot. It taught me a whole lot of lessons. Lesson #1- Don't accept such short notice projects. (especially when you do all the stuff yourself). But in the end, it turned out into such a dream. 

I decided to go with birds and bird houses. So here is the entry way announcement board. A hand-sewn crochet trimmed burlap-ed mason jar as the centre piece filled with fresh roses and the grand backdrop of bird-houses, paper rosettes, butterflies and circle garlands.

I used hand drawn and hand cut (Nope, no cutting machine for me yet, except for my Martha Stewart Butterfly punch) cupcake toppers as centre-pieces alternately. And don't you just love crib canopies. I gave it a peach trim and added a hand-made paper mobile. (All templates from generous sources on the Internet).

And finally fabric rings with lovely white and peach lace that I accented with some foam roses. This showed up on the 6 pillars in the hall. The rest of work was done by gold and cream metallic finish balloons and some paper lanterns.


What do you think?

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