Friday 21 November 2014

Upcycling - Magazine rack to Entry way Mirror and Towel rod -Floating Shelf Combo

Does the work upcycle give you a rush? It does for me. I feel so excited seeing creative upcycling projects. One it means you are re-using something which of course means you are reducing your carbon foot print. Second its like getting new stuff but for cheaper! Who does not love new stuff? And it tops of your self confidence when you see your creativity and vision materialize into something beautiful!

All the credit for this project goes to my super creative mom in law. Here is how she visualized a new life for a wooden carved magazine holder.

I don't have a picture of the original piece that I received as a wedding gift. It was a pretty piece but unfortunately it sat in a corner and was not used much. 

Here is a picture of a similar piece I found off the Internet. (It's low resolution, so forgive me if it is too grainy)

You know how some people ooze positivity and good energy. My mom in law is one of those people. Constantly on the run, a multitasking diva who runs her own home based saree embroidery boutique and who believes that 'one life is never enough'. When I am having a dull day, she is the first person I call and it is an instant cheer up. 

Anyway, she decided that the whole thing should come apart and ended up working with her local carpenter to make 2 new and different things. 

1. 2 mirrors
2. A towel rod 

Sounds crazy right? Yes it does! But it was fantastic. 

I don't have photoshop or else I would have drawn a diagram to indicate which part became what. Hopefully my description will make sense.

1.The Entry-way Mirror:

The front and back of the magazine rack ended up forming the top trim  of 2 mirrors. One of these proudly hangs in my foyer. :)


2. The Towel rod: 

Then Handle bar was fitted to a piece of wood  to form towel rod - floating shelf combo. I am right now trying to find the perfect spot for this beauty.

So there you have it. Fruitful upcycling. This did not come very cheap. We did put in some money for the extra wood and mirror and labour. But we are thrilled to bits with how it turned out. 

So go try your hand at upcycling something at your home. If you cant get ideas, there is a whole bunch of (free) ideas on the Internet.

Go Make Beautiful.   

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