Sunday 11 January 2015

Decoupage - Wooden Business Card Holder

My mum in law saved this cute little wooden business card holder (she got as a compliment from some private bank) for me, knowing how much I love decoupage. And for someone always on the hunt for 'decoupagable' items, this sure was a treat. I just could not wait to get started! I decided not to paint it any other colour. I just loved the original raw colour and besides it was sanded all the way to feel like satin!!

Roses are always my first choice.. And I had some gorgeous prints of roses again from my mum in law, who I always say is never ever short on pretty things. 

So I jumped right in.

I cut out the roses that I felt would fit right in the centre and also cover the bank's engraved logo. I did read somewhere that one should tilt the scissors to the right while cutting so that edges dont seem too sharp. I did try this and was happy with how it was turning out.

I used normal school glue with a foam brush and stuck the images carefully.  After it dried completely, I must have applied atleast 10 coats of glue, drying each coat completely. 

During this process, I did feel the lid was warping a little and almost died of a heart attack! And learnt from forums that raw wood should be primed with varnish first. But to my luck, it seemed to go back to its original shape once it was done drying.

But yes next time, I will make sure I am going to treat the wood before I apply any glue. To protect it further I have applied a clear spray varnish as a top coat. 

I think it turned out quite adorable. 
What say you?


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