Wednesday 10 December 2014

DIY Fabric Decoupage on a Terracotta Pot

How can you not love a vintage looking vase? Faded pink roses floating in cream. Dreamy, romantic and filled with an old world charm. And what better way than Decoupage to make that vintage dream come true.

I found these lovely terracotta vases at the local road side seller's. Usually he has cooking vessels and planters, so when I saw this I just could not resist picking it up.  


1. A Terracotta vase or pot
2. Sand paper
3. Acrylic paints
4. School glue
5. Pretty fabric pieces
6. Scissors
7. Wide foam Brush (or any artists brush will do)
8. Some patience. :) 

First step-Wash your vase or pot and get it completely dust free. Leave it in the sun to dry inside out (even if it takes a whole day). 

Next step would be to sand the vase. This will get rid of any minor bumps and give it a smooth finish. After sanding, wipe it down with a nice damp cloth to get remove any residue. If required wash and let dry one more day. (this is where patience comes in handy!). In my case, I did NOT sand it. I could not get my hands on sandpaper at that time, nor did I have enough patience. But I would recommend not skipping this step.
Now your vase is ready for painting. I did not use any primers or sealers. I was looking for a pale cream shade with a sheen. So I mixed Pearl White and a few drops of Gold to get my final shade. Your painting will be smoother and without brush stroke marks if you use a wide foam brush. I let it dry over night after one coat and gave it another before I got to decoupaging. 
After one coat of paint

I had some pretty fabric lying around and snipped out some roses from that. The roses were too bright so I ended up using the wrong side of the fabric as I was going for a more faded vintage look.After deciding on the placement, I applied glue with a foam brush. And pasted the fabric on. The Serrano Wrap method from patioelf helped me get it on without wrinkles. All you have to do is take a large enough piece of Serrano Wrap and stretch it over the decoupaged piece to help push out air bubbles and any wrinkles.

After letting it dry completely, I applied another coat of glue. 

The roses still seemed a bit bright and pasted on, so while applying my top coat, I sneaked in 2 drops of pearl white paint into my glue and then applied it all over. This allowed the roses to merge on to the vase a little more.  And the sheen from the paint showed up a little on the decoupage too.

I think it looks quite dreamy and romantic. 
What say you?

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